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Year 4 - Otters

Welcome to Otter Class!


Welcome to our class page! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


Miss.Matthes is our class teacher and Mrs Rixon is our class teaching assistant.


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Below are some key documents relating to our class.

Term 5 - Stone Age.

This term Otters will travel back in time to the Stone Age! Back to an age of no technology or the modern ways of living we have grown accustomed to. Imagine this, 5000 years ago, what might we have seen?

Otter Tribe will head to the Prehistoric times, where in our Topic lessons they will learn how people of Britain have developed over thousands of years. We will gather resources to create a true Stone Age meal and build replica grass shelters to make comparisons with houses of today. There will be opportunities to dig deeper into the history of mystical monuments such as Stone Henge and even sculpt their own stone circle in Art & DT.

For Science, Otters will be studying the Digestive System. We will look at a balanced diet and make food plates, which will then lead to learning about the journey food makes in our bodies. 

We are set to have an exciting term, full of rich learning opportunities!

Are you ready to become a caveman?


Term 4 - Misty Mountain.

In Term 4 our topic will be Misty Mountain! Let’s begin the preparation for a mighty mountain expedition! Pupils will discover how these rocky giants are formed and where they can be found in the world. They will plan an expedition that will take them through mountainous terrain with stunning views, writing diary entries and non-chronological reports. Art and DT will have the pupils making a 3D sculpture of a mountain in pairs and learning how to use a weaving board and wool to create contour lines.

In our Maths this term we shall be learning more on area and perimeter with conversions of measurements. The other topics will include money, geometry and rounding decimals. For Science, Otter Class will be carrying out various investigations and experiments to consolidate previous learning, with a couple of new experiments thrown in too! 

Outdoor PE with Coach this term is tennis and our indoor PE will be Gymnastics with a specific focus on the Key Steps Gymnastics Scheme.

This term shall be full of fun, exciting learning opportunities for the pupils!

Shorne Wood Expedition Trip - 28th March 2018

Shorne Wood Bus Journey Sing Song!

Still image for this video
Otter class decided to serenade our driver all the way to Shorne Woods! Here's just one sample of our 'Shine' by Take That.

Term 4's Learning Environment.

Science Week 2018

Investigation 1 - Making a balloon rocket and discussing thrust and how the distance travelled could be affected by the shape of the balloon.

Investigation 2 - Diet coke and Mentos!

Investigation 3 - Balloon Hover crafts!

Fizz Pop Science Workshop!!

Pond Dipping at River Cray!

Otters became mountaineers.

Outstanding Otters' Homework!

Here are some fantastic examples of homework we have seen this week. Please remember homework is set on a Wednesday and both Mathletics and the red books are due in on a Monday. You never know, you could appear here!

Emily Atkins

Emily had created a beautiful PowerPoint full of colour and all about some amazing mountains! After a few attempts, the PowerPoint could not be uploaded due to an error concerning the file itself. However, Emily you still made it onto the Outstanding Otters' Homework section! Be proud! Well done!

Hasan Chowdhury

Hasan Chowdhury 1 Hasan's model!

Riley Saunders

Riley Saunders 1 Fabulous labelled model!

Fadi Nazzal

Fadi Nazzal 1 Great recycling going on for Fadi's model!

Nathan Ademiluyi

Nathan Ademiluyi 1 Nathan's mountain range.

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