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Year 4 Otter

Welcome to Otter Class!


Welcome to our class page! Here you can find what we are learning about and find any key updates.


Miss. Farrant and Mrs. Scicluna are the class teachers and Miss. Olson and Mrs. Reynolds are the class teaching assistants.


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Inside our Classroom...

Inside our Classroom... 1
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Inside our Classroom... 4

Road Trip USA!


Our topic this term is 'Road Trip USA!' The children will learn all about America; the states, the natural wonders, the food and the culture! There will be a particular focus on New York where we will focus on the architecture and important tourist attractions. The children will also learn all about the Native Americans; the different tribes, religious beliefs and their beautiful artwork.

This week's English learning


This week, Otter Class have been working on using descriptive language, specifically:

  • Expanded noun phrases,
  • Powerful verbs and
  • Adverbs.

We began by looking at pictures and videos of New York City and mind-mapped initial thoughts towards these stimuli. The children then observed a map of the city and plotted different places they wanted to visit and then generated some descriptive language about these points of interest. Look for updates on our descriptions later on this week!

This week's Maths learning


In Maths this week, we have focused our learning on statistics. The children have learnt how to construct bar and line graphs as well as interpret the data on them. Many children wanted to challenge themselves in this topic and used data that included decimals to create very advanced charts. 

This week's Science learning


Our topic this term is Electricity! This week, the children explored lots of different circuit equipment. There were many successes, including; making a bulb light up, making a buzzer buzz and a motor spin. However, the real challenge was working out what to do when an appliance didn't work! Many children were able to deduce that replacing certain pieces of the circuit allowed the electricity to pass through successfully.

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This week's topic learning


This week, Otters Class looked at the classic America dish...burgers! We discussed the different components of a burger and where that food originally comes from. Then the children got to get their hands messy and make their own burgers! They began with combining mince with egg (beef, lamb and quorn) and then created their own individual patties. After giving them to Mrs.Scicluna to cook, they decided what they wanted in their bun. They chose from; lettuce, tomatoes and ketchup. 

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This week's RE learning

This week, Otter Class have been exploring the question; 'Does Creation have the WOW factor?' We begun by discussing nature and its relation to the creation in the Bible by defining what nature actually is and giving different examples. We then ventured outside into nature itself with ' nature palettes' to look for a range of examples of natural materials. We couldn't believe the range of items we found! Leaves, flowers, berries, twigs, pine cones, seeds and many more! Following this, the children then responded to the focus question of the lesson;  'Does Creation have the WOW factor?' 

Some of the responses we heard were:

'I was surprised to see old leaves from the Autumn and new leaves growing.'

'God gave us lots of things. We were given nature to impress us.'

'A pine cone is small at the top top. The top grows like creation. It started off with the small things then grew and got complicated.'


Does creation have the WOW factor?

Does creation have the WOW factor? 1
Does creation have the WOW factor? 2
Does creation have the WOW factor? 3

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