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Year 4 Kingfisher

Welcome to Kingfisher Class!


We are a crazy, fun loving Year 4 class who are enthusiastic about our learning! 

Our teacher is Miss Ramsay and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs Andrews. We have had lots of exciting topics already this year:


The Deep Abyss

We explored life under the sea with this adventurous topic. We learnt the real names of several of Finding Nemo's characters, who knew Dory was a blue tang fish? We travelled to London's Sealife Centre and met many ocean creatures. Our favourite moment was coming face to face with sharks! It gave us the opportunity to learn many of the ocean's secrets, write gripping dilemma stories and make ferocious sea monsters from the deep out of clay (let's hope they don't come to life) ... 


Musical Playlist

This topic had us singing and dancing! It kicked off with a music day where we had the chance to play African drums, create a reggae band and compose new music. We had a blast listening to different film scores and trying to predict the action that was happening. This led on to devising some epic spy themed scenes which were written up as play scripts and acted out with enthusiasm. We learnt all about 'The Beatles'and imagined up our own Winter Music Festival. The highlight was becoming songwriters and writing new lyrics to the melody of 'Jingle Bells' which were performed with instrumental accompaniment and gusto to our adoring fans (our parents)!  


I am a Warrior!

This term, our topic is all about the brutal Romans. We have already learnt some gruesome facts about their lifestyle. Did you know that the Romans ate stuffed dormice, snails and flamingo brains? Did you know that their idea of entertainment was a gladiator fight? Did you know that when they were full, rich Romans would make themselves sick in a room called the 'Vomitarium' and then go back for more food? We are really enjoying creating art pieces for our forthcoming museum, writing Roman myths, singing 'Just like a Roman' (with actions of course) and generally learning about the sophisticated yet bloodthirsty warriors of the Roman Empire! We look forward to sharing what we have learnt with our parents at the end of term.


The Deep Abyss

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Term 4

Kingfisher Class had a very magical term learning all about the wonderful world of Harry Potter. We created some fantastic potions, experimented with some magical mixtures and used our Scientific skills to create magical illusions. This term Year 4 could mostly be found with books in hand, even reading out on the playground. Harry Potter's adventures had us all excited about reading! We produced some fantastic diary entries in role, descriptive writing, perspective pictures of Diagon Alley and recipes for magical chocolate bars. We learnt all about fantastic beasts and wrote some super pieces about dragons! Kingfisher Class also spent a day in the life of Willy Wonka, creating, making and of course tasting some chocolate bars they designed. It was a sugar-filled day of fun! We designed and made our own unique wands, which would have given Ollivander a run for his money and were sorted into Hogwarts houses (a very exciting event). The term ended with us writing scripts for a Wizarding Show which were then expertly acted out with props. Kingfishers really immersed themselves in Harry Potter's magical world this term and came out feeling like they were Quidditch Champions flying on a broomstick! We achieved a lot and can't wait for next term!  

Term 5


Traders and Raiders!


This term Year 4 are investigating what happened after the Romans abandoned Britain in 409AD. We are learning about the invasion of the Anglo-Saxons. Where did all of those tribes come from? Why are they called the Anglo-Saxons? We are also looking at who followed them to Britannia...did someone say ROAR? We are learning all about the Vikings, their bloodthirsty ways and their beliefs. Thor might make an appearance with his hammer and Loki, that mischevious character. Why did the Vikings burn boats? What was Valhalla? How did they become such feared warriors and what was with those crazy beards? We have already written emotional diary entries, learnt about King Arthur and retold the legend of how he became a king. We are learning about the different Viking realms this week: Asgard, Midgard, Jotenheim and Helheim. After some research we will be writing some descriptive poetry about how Odin created these realms. We're having a ROARING time this term what with fearsome warriors, Challenger Troop and swimming - jam packed and full of fun, just how we like it!

Term 6


Road Trip U.S.A.!

Howdy y'all! Kingfisher Class are travelling to the United States of America for their learning this term. We have already booked an imaginary road trip to four different locations, planned which hotels we will stay in and picked some exciting activities... Through this topic we will be learning all about the Yanks, their similarities and differences to our culture and placing some focus on different cities. We will be starting our Road Trip in New York City...the Big Apple! Watch our website for exciting pictures of our Road Trip as we travel the states, creating burgers, learning to jive and even sampling a taste of Broadway! It's gonna be a rodeo y'all!

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