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Welcome to Year 1 Barn Owl Class and Red Squirrels!


Welcome to Barn owl class and Red Squirrels!

If you would like to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning or have any questions or suggestions please feel free to come and see us after school, if you would like a before school meeting this can also be arranged, alternatively pop a note in your child’s contact book or fill in the form below.



Summer Term

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Summer Term- Term 5


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Summer Term


Week 5

We have had a busy week! After the shock visit from the alien we had to write a recount of what happened. The children were shown a shared text that they could model their writing on . We talked about what is needed in a recount , such as time connectives. The children have done some lovely writing .

We have been recognising and counting money in Maths and the children are able to add small amounts of money and recognise coins. 

We have also been busy baking and made Star biscuits. We all had a go at mixing the ingredients and then we all cut out a few stars to decorate. Once they had cooled we put icing and sprinkles on. 

Transition Day was on Thursday and the children got to visit their new classroom and meet their new teacher and teacher's assistant. Barn Owls are very lucky as they get to keep Miss Gibbons!

We have been thinking about how we can make a souvenir shop for Earth- what we might sell and how much it would cost. we are going to carry this forward to next week. This will give the children experience with money.  They are getting so good at counting money that I even asked them to help me to count the money we raised for Glee Club's non uniform day. We will be donating this money to Well Child who have organised the competition we have entered. If you haven't already done so please vote for Holy Trinity Church of England Primary School on the Well Child School Choir of the Year link sent our on parent mail. 

Don't forget, next Friday is sports day. The children need to wear their team colour.

It is the school fair tomorrow so we hope to see some of you there. It should be a great day!

Week 4

Did you hear that an Alien has been running around the school and being a bit cheeky? We have had lots of fun investigating and finding clues. We have collected items from the field and playground which might help us find the alien. Where could it be hiding? Watch the clip and see if you can find any clues!

We have also been learning mnemonics- an easy way to remember things like the order of the planets. The children came up with some really funny ones. I always use: My Very Elegant Mother Just Served Us Noodles but the children made up their own interesting ones.

We also used pastels to draw on black paper to draw our own planets and the solar system. They looked really effective. We talked about using aboriginal art techniques as they had studied the Aboriginal creation story in R.E. The results were lovely and the children really concentrated when completing them.

We have had assessment week this week and the children have done really well. We have also started talking about Year 2 so that the children are ready for the transition.

It's going to be a lovely weekend so have fun and don't forget that there is an INSET day on Monday so we will see the children back on Tuesday. Enjoy the long weekend! 

Alien Antics

Still image for this video
What a cheeky alien. What has the alien done to the school. Can you remember all of the things in order? Try to recount the aliens actions!

Week 3

In our topic this week we have studied the moon and talked about it orbiting the Earth and how it shine is simply a reflection of the Sun. We have researched about the moon on the internet and gained information from books from our school library. The children are really fascinated by this topic and always have lots of questions to ask.

In our Literacy we are following the adventures of Bob-The Man O The Moon.  The book goes through Bob's daily routine and the children have written their own version , recounting a day in the life of....

Their writing is becoming increasingly developed and they are really enjoying this topic. 

We have also had a great time making Moon Cakes. We went over to the DT block and we mixed the ingredients together and made yummy Moon Cakes. The children couldn't wait to eat them so some of them had a nibble after lunch! They smelt absolutely delicious when they came out of the ovens.

In Maths we have been recapping on missing numbers on a number line or hundred square and one more one less . We advanced to 10, 3 and 5 more or less from a given number. We have introduced Money and will continue with this next week so any practice at home on handling money and adding it up would be beneficial.

It looks like it's going to be a lovely weekend and the sun is going to shine at last so have a good one!


Week 2

This week we have been making boxes for the alien to show him ( or her .... it could be a her ) what Earth is like and what sort of things we have on Earth. We have labelled objects we wanted to show with what they are made of ( materials ) and what we use it for. The children really enjoyed this and we had things such as pencils made out of wood and toys made out of plastic. They made brilliant informative boxes and decorated ready to give to the alien!

We have also been busy with papier mache, covering balloons with it and, when hardened, painting them to look like the Earth. It has been a messy but very enjoyable experience!

We reminded the children about the continents and the names of them by singing one of our favourite songs which can be found here:

We also looked at Google Earth and located our school. We explained how Google Earth works and about satellites in space. We also had the chance to look at Ordinance Survey maps. The children found these fascinated and could locate Dartford, Crayford and other local areas that they knew. We looked at the key and saw what some of the symbols meant. We also talked about the contour lines on the map. A contour line is a line drawn on a map that joins points of equal height above sea level. The children could see where there was high ground and low, flat ground. 

In Maths we have be revisiting partitioning numbers into tens and ones. We have also be looking at more than and less than. We want the children to be solid in this as we will be moving onto money soon. 

Have a great Father's day on Sunday!


Week 1


Our new topic has begun with a bang! An alien spaceship crashed in the field and we all went out to investigate. We saw some strange things-green slime, creamy trails and moon rocks. The spaceship had alien writing and a control panel. This was lots of fun and the children really enjoyed it with some of them saying that they had actually seen the alien in the bushes at forest school!

We then took this experience back to the classroom and wrote newspaper articles for the Newshopper. The children learned how a report was different from a story and how our writing has to fit the purpose. They made up headlines and wrote their recount.

In Maths we are learning about direction and turns - using language like quarter turn, half turn, three quarter turn and whole turn. They have been practicing this and today gave each other instructions on how to move along a chalked line in the playground. One child had to close their eyes and the other had to give the instructions. The children did very well.

Barn Owls are saying goodbye to Alex this week and we wish him and his family all the best. We will miss him. We hope he will come back and visit soon.

Week 5

What a lovely term we have had with this topic. The children have had some great opportunities to plant and discover about animals and their habitats.This week we learned about habitats and why certain animals live in different areas. We researched and made posters. 

We finished off our stories-our own version of what happens to one of the characters from the Gruffalo. The children had chosen their favourite character from the story and then had to make up an adventure for them. We are entering these into a writing competition , run by the National Literacy Trust . Wouldn't it be wonderful if one of our entries won!

In Maths we progressed from halves, and sharing between two, to quarters, and sharing between 4. This was slightly trickier and any input at home you can do would benefit their learning of fractions. 

It was so amazing to see so many of you come to the storytelling on the field and get chance to see the children's habitats they made. The sun stayed out for us and the children had such a great time showing off their bug hotels and nests they had made. 

Thank you for all your support.

Have a great holiday and see you all on Tuesday 4th June!


Week 4

This week we have been leaning all about animals. You may remember that during our first term we learned about dinosaurs and talked about if they were herbivores, omnivores or carnivores. We refreshed this and we were surprised how many of the children remembered this. We then set them a task of sorting small world/toy animals. We wanted to see how they would sort them. We had so many ways : the colour of the animals, where the animals lived and the size of the animals. The children had so many ideas. We then introduced the scientific terms for sorting animals e.g.: mammals, fish, amphibians, birds, reptiles, invertebrate. We researched animals and made posters of our chosen classification of animal. We learned a lot about different animals.

In RE we learned the story of David and Goliath and the children even had the chance to slay their own giant out in the playground! We had a large paper Goliath and the children threw bean bags at him!

In maths we have been looking at sharing and dividing between two groups. We used physical objects to help us do this. We also looked at halving. The children worked really hard this week on this maths topic and next week we will be moving on to looking at 1/4.

We have written our Gruffalo stories and will publish them next week ready to read them to you if you are able to come to the school on Friday at 2.30. If the weather is nice we hope to have blankets down and we will sit and snuggle and read our stories to you. We hope that you can make it. 

Have a lovely week end.


Week 3 


This week we have been learning all about plants. We have looked at what plants need to live and labelled plants. The children have also had the chance to paint a flower using water colour and they produced some lovely work. We have also made woodland crowns. We have an ongoing experiment to see if our flowers will change colour in different coloured water. As yet there has been no chance but it is supposed to work! Fingers crossed on Monday the children will see some colour in the white flowers that we bought. We placed the flowers in water that had been mixed with food colouring. The flowers should drink the water and then the petals change.......we'll have to wait and see. 

Next week we are going to learn about animals and using classifications to group them. 

We also planted seeds in small pots which we are keeping inside at the moment. As they shoot we hope they can go in the garden. The children each have a Broad Bean seed that they are growing in a plastic cup with a wet paper towel. This is so they can see the process of the plant growing. Once they have grown the children can bring these home. If you have a pot and some soil they can plant them at home. 

In Maths we have been doubling and halving and looking at the two times table. Please practice this at home. We will also be covering the 5 and 10 times table so anything that they do at home will help with their learning.

In our Talk 4 Writing we have been scene setting. The children are becoming amazing writers. We are really proud of the effort they are putting into their work.


Have a lovely weekend. 


Week 2

This week we were looking at trees and starting a description for our setting in our stories. The vocabulary that the children are now beginning to use is fabulous. We know all the parts of a tree and went out to Forest school to label them. Next the children used tissue paper to wrap each other up to look like trees and label each other. This was so much fun! We also looked at the seasons and how this affects the deciduous trees.

We also visited Forest school to make tree boggarts! We made them out of clay. This was such a great activity and the children loved seeing what creations their friends had made. They enjoyed adding the natural materials to the clay to make the face for the tree. 

In maths we continued with arrays and looking at groups of 2, 5 and 10. These are the times tables we hope the children will be secure in by the end of year one so any games you can find on line for them to play to reinforce their learning in school will be beneficial. 

Next week we will continue counting in 2's,5's and 10's. We will see if we can make equal groups and if we can share equally.

In our topic we will be looking at flowers. We will be planting seeds and talking about what plants need to grow.


Don't forget that there will be no school on Monday so have a lovely long weekend. 



Summer Term

Week 1

We hope you all had a brilliant Easter holiday. 

This week we have started our new Talk 4 Writing book , The Gruffalo. The children have really loved it and have learned most of it already!

On Wednesday we had our woodland walk where we were searching for the Gruffalo and all the animals from the book. We found them all! We also saw wild Bluebells and lots of blossom. The children also had a go at leaf rubbing. We have been creating story maps from our Woodland walk which helps us with our writing. 

We have been thinking of adjectives to describe our work a bit better and have had the chance to use thesauruses in the classroom. If you have one at home please let your child have a look through to widen their vocabulary.

In maths we have been learning to count in 2's, 5's and 10's. Some children have learned their times tables which is wonderful.They also have to understand the concept of the times tables. We do this by showing the children arrays of numbers/grouping. 

On Thursday Explore Learning came into the classrooms to teach the children about being fearless learners. They had to work systematically on a problem. It was quite challenging but lots of fun.

Next week we will be learning all about different types of trees. We will also begin our own setting descriptions. In maths we will be looking at doubling and shaing equally.



Week 5

This week has been very exciting. we have been learning about the Great Fire of London. There is a game on line that the children can play which helps them learn the story. The link has been added above. I have also added a recipe for bread that we made this week with the children. We have a new , amazing Art and DT block in the school and it is all set up for the children to enjoy cooking in a safe and clean environment. There are ovens and hobs. This week we mixed the ingredients in the morning and then left it to prove. The dough doubled in size and the children were amazed. Then it was their turn to kneed the bread and shape it. The DT room smelt wonderful when the bread was baked. The children really enjoyed this. 

In maths we have been weighing in g and kg. |This linked in well with the baking as we had to measure out the ingredients. We were also investigating what was lighter and heavier. Next week we move on to capacity-ml and l.

We have learned the song, ' London's Burning', and even managed to sing it in the round which I was very impressed by! We have also been learning new vocabulary that we can put into our stories next week. The children have created their own story maps and use the vocabulary around the classroom to make their work amazing! I can't wait to see their stories next week.

The sun this week has meant that our indoor PE session was outside and we played games to improve our attacking and defending skills. We were able to go onto the field and the children of Year 1 all played together.

Today we had Great Artist Day and we were studying all about Picasso. The children learned about cubism and had a go at creating their own cubist masterpiece. It was a great experience for them.

Let's hope the sun continues. Have a lovely weekend-and to all the Mum's and Grandmas out there...put your feet up on Sunday and have a very relaxing Mother's Day.


Week 4

This week there was a 'robbery' at the school. The crown jewels were taken from Mr Carter's class! This was a hook for children to get interested and involved in our story, 'Cops and Robbers' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. From this hook we have watched CCTV footage, described the robber, interviewed who we thought it was .... the buzz has been brilliant. See if the children can retell part of the story to you. We have been drawing story maps to help us to remember the story. It has been great fun!

In Maths we have been consolidating measuring in cm and m. We have measured our bodies, classroom items, we have even looked at London landmarks, found how tall they are and used cubes to represent them. With this we could compare the length/height of the landmarks. 

For Mathletics this week I have not set homework. At the beginning of the year we were doing really well and won the trophy quite a few times. This is won by playing 'live points'. So my challenge this week is to see who can play the most live points. Let's see if we can bring the trophy home!!!

We have been sketching our favourite London landmarks with cartridge paper and sketching pencils. We took our time and wanted to be real artists. 

Enjoy your weekend!


Week 3

Science Week

This week we have been learning so much about science. On Monday, we wanted to do some secret writing so used lemon juice to do so. It is meant to show once the lemon is under a hot light. With all of our science experiments this week we realise that it doesn't always work out the way it is planned! 

On Tuesday, I posed as a mad scientist for each phase and did a show about fire, explosions and forces. I think the children had a lot of fun- I hope so! 

On Wednesday, we did the Sneeze Zone experiment to see how long a sneeze could travel. We used water and green paint in a squeezy bottle and sprayed to see how far it would travel. This linked in nicely with our maths which is measurement. We were amazed how far it could go. We then had a competition to find a new poster for the bathroom on how important it is to wash our hands. These are still not finished so I will judge them when they are.

On Thursday, we had to make our paper aeroplanes and then we flew them outside. We talked about the factors involved which made it hard for our planes to fly ( wind!) We then used paper clips to see if they would help our planes go further. They did. It was so much fun but the wind was wild that day.

Today we made slime which, I can tell you, was fun but stressful as the first batch didn't work! The disappointment! Anyway, we talked about how experiments can go wrong. We realised that we were missing one ingredient. We added it and it was slime at last! Everyone was so excited. It's amazing how exciting slime is but we did have fun!

If you do want to make slime at home we used shaving foam, pva glue, contact lens solution and bicarbonate of soda. There are lots of tutorials online. 

It has been an exhausting but fun week. I hope that children will be able to tell you a scientific fact they have learned this week. 

Have a lovely weekend.


                                            Week 2

In Maths we have been looking at measuring. We compared tall and short/ long and short. We used non standard measuring and used cubes to fins our answers. Next week we will begin to use rulers. If you could look at this at home that would be great as the children often get confused with cm/inches side of the rulers and that they must start where the 0 is as some rulers have a space....just to confuse us!


We had an amazing visit from the Queen at Holy Trinity AKA Mrs Goddard. The children had the chance to go on a double decker bus where they met Andrew and Evacuee AKA Mr Carter and Thomas Farriner , who was the baker who may have started the Great Fire Of London, AKA Miss Gold! After having fun on the bus the children met the Queen and then settled down for some juice and biscuits.


We went to the church for the Ash Wednesday service and I have to say how proud I was of Year one as they made no fuss even though it was a long way to walk. They were really well behaved in the church and did us proud. Well done all of you!


World Book Day was brilliant and the children looked amazing. Thank you to all of you for making the effort to dress the children up - they had so much fun. We made book marks, selfie pictures and wrote letters to our favourite authors. We swapped books and visited the book fair. It was a great day. 


Don't forget that it is INSET day on Friday and there will be no school. Enjoy the weekend.

Next week is Science week so lots more fun and learning!




Term 4 Week 1

This week we have been making invitations for our special day on Monday. The children wrote invitations to the Queen. We hope she will come but I have said that she may be very busy ( Mrs Goddard will stand in ! )

We looked at a picture of the Queen's coronation and the children had to write about the picture they were given. We have been looking at using adjectives in our work to make it more interesting and the children have written some lovely sentences. 

They are so excited and this afternoon we will be making decorations. We have already made a list of things we need for the party. We have learned information about the Queen. Some children have brought in homework that has been so good that we have decided to make a special board in the classroom to display it all. 

In Maths we were looking at one more and one less from any given number. The children were all confident on this. This allowed me to move onto grouping and multiplication. I have introduced the 2 x table. Some great pre learning could be if the children try and master the 2 x table. I will be going over it next week and trying to get them confident in it. Some children already know some x tables and are secure in them. I'm so amazed how well they are doing. For those children who know some times tables the aim is to get them to a point where we can ask them a times table question out of order. I hope by the end of this term all children will know their 2 x table!

In Music we learned how to breath properly ...there are some funny photos of this that I have included!



Week 7

Towards the end of last week and for this week we have been assessing the children hence the lack of photos to show you! In your child's book bag you will find the assessments that we did. Above this you will see TERM 4. Please look at this as it will show you what we will be covering next term. There is some pre learning which we find help the children have confidence once we start the topic as they can contribute to class discussions right from the start. Bright Lights, Big City is the next topic and anything that they can learn about the Queen and London will help their learning. 

In Maths this week we have been dipping into a little bit of everything we have covered. We have been looking at number bonds to 20. This is something that the children really need to be secure on. We also looked at tens and ones.

On Monday the children had music with Mrs. Goddard and got the chance to use instruments.

Have a wonderful half term. Let's hope that the sunshine lasts! Enjoy!


Week 6

This week we have had a few special days on the calendar. We celebrated Safety Internet Day with some parents visiting the classroom to help the children make a poster to show how to be safe on the internet. Thank you so much for coming in and helping. We now have a great display in the classroom!

We also celebrated Chinese New Year- the year of the pig. We made cards and posters for the day and I gave the children a red envelope each . The red envelope is usually filled with money but I put in lego cards. In China the children wake up in the morning with the envelopes under their pillows. 

This week we have had some mid year assessments. It is something a little bit different for the children but they have behaved maturely and given it their best so a big well done to them!

I am sending home a list of the numbers and how to write them in words. This is just something that you can do with them at home- it is not homework as such more a pre learning activity to do if you wish. It will help them to know this. We have worked on it at school and will continue to do so. Next week we will also be practicing how to count in 2s, 5s and 10s ( forwards and backwards).

Next week, for our topic we will be looking at real life superheroes. We will be learning about heroes in history and, towards the end of the week, we will have visitors who are super heroes in their jobs. 

If anyone wishes to come in for the Friday afternoon to talk about their job please let me know via your child's contact book or speak with me directly and we would welcome you in!




Week 5

This week the children have been making their own comics. They first had to make up their Superhero and decide on the plot of the story. Then they used a comic template to add their characters and speech bubbles. It was great. They designed their own front covers and will bring home their comics soon so you can have a look at them. 

We have also had time today to write a story about our Superhero. I wanted the children to really concentrate on their sentence structure, using capital letters and full stops. I challenged them to use adjectives. The stories were great.

In Maths we were learning different methods for subtraction. 

We had a quick flurry of snow and the children ran outside to catch snowflakes....but it didn't last long!

Have a lovely weekend.

Week 4

We have had quite a scientific week this week as we have been learning about our senses. For each sense we had a fun activity. For sight we blindfolded each other and had to get our friend to help us tidy up the classroom by giving us instructions.For hearing we went a walk into the Forest School and listened very carefully. We had to note down everything that we heard. For touch we had to write adjectives to describe the things we touched. We had bowls of Orbies, flour, corn flakes, pine cones and rice. The smelling and tasting were probably our favourite!

we had lots of things that we had to smell including apple and blackcurrant cordial and vinegar. Can you guess out of these which they thought was a good smell and which they thought was a bad smell? 

Today we finished off our senses week with taste. The children loved tasting different flavours of crisps. We then had to take a tally of who liked what and then we made a bar chart. It was yummy and educational so what could be better? 

In Maths we have been learning the skills of using a number line. It will help us next week when we are learning how to subtract and subtract finding number bonds to 10.

In Maths this week we even managed to brave the cold to make our own number lines out side on the playground.  For these lessons the focus was on the process not the result. The sums they were given were not difficult and some of the children could have done them in their head- the aim was to really get to grips with the method so the children can then go on to use this skill on harder, more complicated sums. 

This afternoon they are going to design their own Super Heroes!! I'm looking forward to that!

Have a lovely weekend. Stay warm!

Week 3

This week in maths we have been looking at number bonds to 20. Some children did some ultimate challenges and had to find number bonds to 10,20 and 100! We used Numicon to help us. The children particularly liked the Numicon hunt where they had to match up Numicon in number bonds to 20. 

Pre- learning shout out! Next week we are looking at how to add 3 numbers by first making 10 eg: 4 +6+3=13

The children will find the two numbers that make ten ( number bonds) and then add on the next number.

This week we used computers and IPads to create animations and story boards. We added speech bubbles, thought bubbles and sound bubbles  to our story boards to make them like a comic. We will make a book of these and have them in our class reading corner.

We love this Super Hero topic!

Week 1 and 2

Happy New Year to you all.

Sorry that I was not able to update the website last week but there has been quite a lot of illnesses about and I was not at school. 


There is now a new area of the website for homework which you can access with the link above (Year 1). 

Remember to do spellings and once the children know them they need to bring back the purple book so we can log the test in the book. This will be done weekly.


For our first day back we had an artist day where the children learn about a famous artist and look at some of their paintings. We then have the chance to paint or draw our own picture. This day was all about Leonardo Di Vinci. Out of all of his amazing achievements we decided to focus on the Mona Lisa. We thought about what we might do to make Mona Lisa smile. A lot of the children said they would tickle her or pull funny faces at her. One child was going to take her to the park while another said he would pie face her! We then used pastels to draw a picture of Mona Lisa being happy with our methods of making her laugh!


What fun the children had on Monday! Superhero Day was a great success. It was a brilliant way to introduce the children to the topic and they had a fun filled day! We have been making superhero pictures this week. We have been learning about our bodies and the parts of our bodies. The children had a great time sticking post-it notes on each other as they labelled they body parts they knew. 

This week we have been looking at addition but missing out some of the sum eg: 3+---= 15 Some of the children found this hard so we had a few lessons on it. 

We are also learning about time this term so get your clocks out and please practice O'clock and half past as much as possible with the children.

Form all of us at Barn Owls - we hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy new year!

Week 7

This week we have been working practically in Maths. It was a great activity! The children had a pattern of blocks and they had to explain to their partner how to build it. They had to use vocabulary like : below, above, right and left.

We had a Christmas jumper design competition in class and the winner will be announced on Monday!

The Nativity was a great event and the children performed brilliantly- I think you will all agree. We are very proud of all of them - they are our little stars ( or rather sheep!)

We have had a naughty Elf in our classroom called Twinkle. The elf has been up to no good and keeps being silly in the classroom. I wonder where it will be on Monday!

Don't forget that this Wednesday coming is Christmas jumper day at school and the school will be finishing at 1.30.


Week 6

Pre learning Shout Out!!!

Next term we are learning all about Super Heroes. Do you know someone who is a real life super hero? Someone who helps others? Talk about jobs people do and how we can all be super heroes by helping!

In Maths we have been looking at games and creating our own board games. The children found this a little difficult but did enjoy thinking of a theme for their board game and thinking of the rules. I particularly liked the rules,  " No crying and no screaming!" It wasn't quite what I was looking for but probably one of the best rules I have heard!

We have also made our own toys. After thinking about what we wanted to make and the materials we would need we made them. They are lovely. The children really enjoyed doing this and getting the classroom very messy!

We have been practicing, again, for the Nativity and I am sure you will all be super pleased with how your children sing.  

Today we had a very naughty visitor. An silly elf called Twinkle came into the classroom and threw all the baubles from our Christmas Tree on the floor. The children loved it and we are wondering what he will get up to over the weekend!


Week 5

This week we have been rehearsing for the nativity. The children sing the songs beautifully and we are very excited. Please bring in the black leggings/jogging bottoms and white t shirt in a labelled bag by next Friday at the latest. We will be wanting to do a few dress rehearsals!

In our topic we read, " Avacado Baby" , and learned that this baby became very strong and could do amazing things. The children had to write about what they would do if they were Avocado Baby. They had some great ideas. I'm pleased to say that their writing is really improving and some children are even using fabulous adjectives.

In maths we have been working on tens and ones and finding which is greater and which is least. 

Next week we will be slowing the pace down as we will have a lot of rehearsals and Christmas crafts. 

Week 4

It was great to see so many of you attending parents evening and having a chance to see your child's work. I hope that you found the evening helpful.

We have had a wedding this week in Year 1. As part of our topic the children experienced a real life celebration. The children dressed up and Mrs Goddard conducted the wedding! It was wonderful. We even had some wedding cake thanks to Mrs. Jardine.

The children then had to think about the order of events and write their own diary entry for the wedding. They were great to read....the cake seemed to be the most remembered part!

Pre-learning Shout Out! :  In maths we have been learning about tens and ones. We have been looking at grouping tens together and making sure that our tens and ones don't get mixed up! We will continue with this next week but will be adding and taking away to get the answer and using the terms: greater than, less than and least, most. We will use the <> symbols again. The children have done this before but it would be great to remind them of this. We will be asking them to compare teen numbers so some pre-learning for this would be very useful.

Week 3


This week we looked at old and new toys and past and present. We had a very strict Victorian teacher visiting the school ( who looked a lot like me!) and she made the children sit in rows, told them off a lot and made them do their work on slate. I bet the children were pleased when she left. She even showed them how to wash clothes with a clothes dolly.

The children also had to think about old and new technology. They even had a dance to a record playing in Mr. Carter's room.

The children dressed up brilliantly for Children in Need and we decided to make some old favourites-Peppermint Creams, to finish off our Old and New week. It was a bit messy but lots of fun.

The pre learning that the children did with 2D and 3D shapes was really apparent this week with some knowing how many edges, faces and corners some 3D shapes had so a big well done and thank you for your support.

Next week we will be learning about weddings and how they are celebrated. If you could show your child any photos of a wedding and tell them about the ceremony that would be great.

Picture 1

Term 2 Weeks 1 and 2

Well we have been busy.

The children have had a great start to the term and it was lovely to see our parents support their children with their memory boxes. I heard that the children all had fun and the boxes look amazing.

This week has been full of hard work and fun. In maths we have been learning about using numberli9nes for subtraction. Some found this more challenging than addition so going over it at home is always helpful.

We continued our topic by making our family trees and thinking about our immediate family and people who care for us. They saw some pictures of my family and we had a good chat about them! Can you tell your children some stories about your Grandma and Granddad? How far back can you trace your family tree?

Today, Friday, we had some visitors to school. The children were very excited. We invited 3 elderly people from a care home to talk to the children. The children had thought of some questions to ask them and then we made poppies for Armistice Day with our visitors.

The children were very polite and made Peter, David and Pam feel very welcome. We are hoping that they will come back and visit us soon.

We also had chance to try on WW1 uniforms and learned a little bit of information about why we have a remembrance day.

Have a good weekend.

Remember to try and do the Mathletics homework and play Live Mathletics to win points!



Week 7

This week we have had so much fun. We loved showing the parents our songs and our rap that we have been learning. We hoped you liked our performance poetry!

We have also been busy making junk model dinosaurs and we thought about how a dinosaur would clean his teeth. The children invented ways to do this and recorded them in their books.

Friday was a special art day. We looked at art by Damien Hirst. The children made lots of art and really enjoyed it.

We hope that you have a good half term. Next term the topic is Memory Box. If you want to talk to your children about what games you used to play when you were little, what programmes you watched on the television or if you played computer games what were they- think about how they are different from the ones today or what we experience today. That would be great pre-learning for the children.

I am very proud of how they have coped with the transition from Yr R to Yr 1 so well done Barn Owls!

Week 6

This week we have written our own dinosaur stories. We had to pretend that we had a dinosaur as a pet and thought of all the funny things that would happen. For example, when you are dancing the  dinosaur might  step on your toes, it might squish you up in bed or it could eat all of your food! The children had a lot of fun thinking of their own stories and what may happen. We talked about improving our work with adjectives, describing words and the children were encouraged to use adjectives in their writing.

Today was a geography day where the children learned all about the 7 continents. We sang a song to help us remember and then the class were put into groups to find out information about their groups continent. The looked at the shape of the continent and modelled it in play dough, they made flags and looked on the internet for information.

I hope they had a great week this week and look forward to all the learning next week.

Have a good weekend!

Geography Day. Learning about the 7 Continents

Week 5

What a very busy week for Barn Owls!

For our dinosaur topic the children had a look at dinosaur teeth and found some real ones in the sand outside as they dug and discovered like palaeontologists. The had to classify the teeth into Carnivores ( meat eaters ) and Herbivores ( plant eaters ). We then looked at animals and the things they eat. We made a Venn diagram to show if our animals were Herbivores, Carnivores or Omnivores ( both ).

In Maths they were learning about ordinal numbers like 1st, 2nd, 3rd. We had races and made medals! We also looked at number lines and putting numbers in order.

We were also very lucky to have a Basketball Wow Day. Paul came in to run the workshop. He is 7ft 8 tall and is the tallest professional basketball player in the world. He has played for the famous Harlem Globetrotters. He came in to coach the children dribbling skills, shooting and passing.

They have worked very hard this week. Well done Barn Owls!

Week 4

This week we have been learning all about Mary Anning. She was born in 1799 and was a fossil collector and palaeontologist who became famous for the discoveries she made. Can your child tell you a little bit about her? The children wrote comic strips about her life. We also looked at how big dinosaurs were...and they were very, very big!! We drew a life size Triceratops on the playground in chalk. We measured it out -9 meters long and 4 meters high. The children then had a chance to  then draw their own dinosaurs and measure them. It was dino fun!



Week 3 has been a very creative week. We have finished off painting our fossil which we made out of clay. We have also designed and made our dinosaur sock puppets. Thay were so much fun. Have a look at our creations below.

Also, great news for Barn Owls, we have been Mathletics champions for 2 weeks running now. This means that the children are playing ' live Mathletics ' more than any other class so thank you for that...we love having the trophy!

Mathletics Champions!

Mathletics Champions! 1

sock puppets

Still image for this video

Week 2

What a busy Week! The children have made anomites and fossils out of clay and learned about how fossils are made. They have created a class poem all about dinosaurs and performed it. We also had a great workshop by 'Portals Of The Past' who brought in dinosaur fossils and models of dinosaurs. I'm sure the children would love to tell you all about this. They even had the opportunity to hold a dinosaur egg fossil which had a baby dinosaur fossilised inside.

What a wonderful opportunity for the children. It really brought the topic alive!


Day Two..There was a dinosaur roaming about the school! Watch Out!!

First Day in Barn Owls

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