What are Reception learning about this week?

This week we will be having an art day on Tuesday, where we are focussing on Van Gogh. During the rest of the week we will be having lots of fun experimenting. We will try protect humpty dumpty from cracking, deciding what material would be best used to protect their egg which will be in a zippy wallet and thrown across the playground. THey will have the opportunity to freeze objects in water and then estimate how quickly they will defrost. Throughout this term we will be encouraging the children to write sentences and providing lots of opportunities for them to write during structured and Child initiated learning.


In Maths we will be recapping what we have learnt so far this year; 2d and 3d shapes, one more and one less than a number, adding and subtracting single digit number, capacity and time.


We are celebrating and recognising children's success in all areas, to help them to feel confident and support them to feel good about their own success. We are giving children the opportunity to explore and talk about what they are learning, showing them that we value their ideas and ways of doing things. 


This term we will have 5 high frequency words a week that we will be learning during our phonics lessons. The 5 words for this week are

                                               as, no, mum, one, them