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Term 3 Misty Mountain

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Misty Mountain

Mighty mountains peak above the morning mists, imposing and eternal, rocky outcrops at their feet.

Discover how these giants are formed, as a fold or a block, a dome or a plateau.

Follow the water cycle's course from peak to valley and meet the exceptional tribes of the hostile Himalayas.

Then plan a mountain expedition from the BMC that is eco-friendly and safe as can be.

But beware, look out! What's that by that tree? Its footprints are huge! Have we found the...Yeti!!


Camp Skills Day

Badgers experienced a day at camp, their first challenge was orienteering. Children were given a map and had to find the numbers which gave them a letter, these letters then spelt out Scafell Pike which Badgers knew from earlier in the morning is the tallest mountain in England. Next, we used our shelter building skills to create shelters, they had to think about whether their shelter could withstand all weathers, using only materials that they could find around them! Badgers then used a key to help identify different trees in our woodland, looking carefully at the twigs for clues to help them, we discussed how they would need to be sure they were picking the right berry off a tree to survive! After lunch, we collected sticks to make twig stars using wool. It was very fiddly but lots of fun! We talked about how it would be a good activity at base camp where there may not be electricity! To end the day Year 4 gathered in the hall and were taught Campfire songs by Miss Hopkins, all the children were singing loudly and joining in enthusiastically with the actions!  It was a very cold and muddy day but the children were all passionate about the skills they learnt and showed a good understanding of what it would be like at a mountain camp.

Enjoy our photos from the day!


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