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Reception Butterfly & Ladybirds


Welcome to Reception! Your teachers are Mrs Youseman, Mrs Schoeman and Mrs Goddard. Your teaching assistants are Miss Webb, Mrs Cox and Miss Ross, some of the other adults in our classroom are Miss Bawor, and Mrs Reynolds. Our outdoor PE lessons are taught by Mrs Sutherland on a Friday.

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Term 6 - What is a reflection?


Mirror, mirror, on the wall... Why can I see myself in a puddle? Are a butterfly’s wings the same on both sides? In this project, we’ll answer lots of intriguing questions about reflections and symmetry. This half term, we’ll get dressed up and look at ourselves in mirrors. How will our reflections change? By looking closely at shiny objects and materials, we’ll be able to sort them. Using our mathematical knowledge, we’ll create symmetrical patterns from natural and man-made materials. We’ll use different gadgets to take photographs and learn how to delete or save images. Looking carefully in the mirror, we’ll discuss what a reflection is and what we can see. We’ll fold shapes in half to investigate whether or not they are symmetrical, and complete symmetrical patterns on pegboards. We’ll think about our feelings, and how these can change our facial expressions. Using mirrors, we’ll practise our doubling skills and create patterns. We’ll discuss why butterflies and moths have patterned wings, and use 2-D shapes to create symmetrical wings. By listening carefully, we’ll be able to learn about echoes and copy rhythms by ‘clapping them back’. At the end of the project, we’ll have a shiny treasure hunt and search for reflective items. We’ll also look at photographs to discuss what we have learned.


How you can help your child prepare for their project -

Reflections are everywhere! Why not do a reflections hunt together around your home, to see what reflective surfaces you can see yourselves in? You could also play ‘follow the leader’ in the back garden, where you take it in turns to copy each other’s actions. Alternatively, visit a butterfly house to look at the different creatures and plants. Which ones are symmetrical? Can you spot any reflective surfaces at the butterfly house?


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